Pavement Marking Technician (PMT) and

High Friction Surface Treatment Installation and Inspection (HFST)

2019 Training and Certification Seminar

Directed by ATSSA | January 29-31, 2019

We have partnered with ATSSA to provide you the opportunity to get you trained and certified. 


Brad Henry, is a master instructor for ATSSA and the lead teacher for the Pavement Marking Technician class for the United States. This course covers background, equipment and installation of materials, including quality checks, proper installation pictures and techniques. Brad has worked for Kansas DOT for 16 years as a pavement marking specialist, working on design, layout and installation of various pavement marking products. He was involved in troubleshooting of equipment and was sought out for specification compliance.

Dave Merritt has more than 19 years of experience related to pavement research and engineering. He has been involved with numerous research projects for FHWA, SHRP2, and several State Departments of Transportation investigating all aspects of pavement materials, performance, specifications, construction, and testing. 

Target Audience

All personnel involved in pavement markings. Traffic Operations, Designers, Construction, Maintenance personnel.

Registration for this seminar is CLOSED.